>Twitter folks to follow…

>I am back after some medical issues and would like to share with you some amazing people who tweet valuable information for all of us:

Anna Fernando – on Twitter as @mynursecoach and here is her blog – Be healthy, well & inspired. According to her blog, Anna is a registered nurse turned corporate IT professional by day and blogger by night. She writes a lifestyle blog  about the body, mind, and spirit connection, in essence,  holistic health. Her tweets are always full of valuable suggestions and or positive thoughts.
She is hosting a Giveaway for some green sponges – check it out!
Thank you, Anna, for all of your insight and all that you give of yourself.

Amy Neumann – on Twitty as @CharityIdeas and here is her blog – Amy Neumann – Experience and Philanthropy  Follow Amy on Twitter for TONS of tweets about positive events happening in the world, positive quotes, relevant causes to become involved with, on and on. She is a gold mine of information and a prolific tweeter. Amy is a true “giver”.

@CauseOfTheWeek is another Twitter find. Their profile states “Submit your Cause to us and we may feature it as our Cause of the Week!” – how generous of them to take the time! Here is their website – Socialize Your Cause/Cause Of The Week.

Quote of the day:
“The policy of retaliation has never succeeded”. – Mahatma Gandhi

spent bulbs digitally manipulated
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One Response to >Twitter folks to follow…

  1. Anna says:

    >What a nice surprise, Sondra! Thank you so much for mentioning me! I am so happy to know that you are getting something out of my tweet and blog postings!

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