>TOMS and Soles4Souls

>I received information about TOMS from a fellow blogger and friend, Egmont van Dyck, who is a multi-medium artist and photographer. He has three blogs that you will want to see: The Artist Within Us, Four Season In A Life Directory, which is packed full of resources and Four Seasons In A Life. They are beautiful blogs and worth many visits.

Egmont heard about TOMS on the Today Show and after I saw this website, I realized that I had heard about this program also:

Toms – For every pair of shoes that you purchase from this company, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. They are also asking everyone to go one day without shoes, or at least part of the day on April 8.  I know that this post is late but I am guessing that this event will take place again.
Can you think of a better reason to go barefoot???
Thank you, Egmont for taking the time to send this.

Image from TOMS website.
Soles4Souls – Changing the world, one pair at a time.
Info from their website:

Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from the warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you. The charity distributes these shoes free of charge to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 7 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes (currently donating one pair every 9 seconds.) The shoes have been distributed to people in over 125 countries, including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal and the United States.

Image from Sole4Souls

What is great about this service is that you can drop off your shoes at many locations near your home because many retailers participate. There is a locator on their website. Drop off your old shoes or new shoes that you have never worn, if that is the case. Re-cycling at its best…

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4 Responses to >TOMS and Soles4Souls

  1. >Dear Sondra,I am so delighted that what I only learned about today has been of help to you. I wish more positive news were broadcast on the news, because I do believe we have the power to make change one person at a time if we only all work together.Thank you for the links, it is much appreciated.Wishing you and your new blog great success.Egmont

  2. Lori says:

    >That's such a great program. One of our family friends, their teenage daughters have been begging their dad for awhile for TOM shoes. 🙂 Apparently they are a hit among teenagers. So it's great to see them give back to the community too! Great new blog!!

  3. joyefulart says:

    >Great blog, ideas, hope, right there with you!! Will follow and bookmark!!

  4. >Wonderful blog.Congratulations.

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